So this is me

I have always been unrestrained, and when it comes to my art there's not much difference. Never starting with a rough sketch or a draft, I let my mind wander and build up designs, images and scenes. My method of cutting images and pasting them onto the piece gives subtle dimension to my drawings. This makes any mistake more of an opportunity to try something new, as I insert another image over top. I am a self-taught artist who began drawing whimsy at a young age in rural Iowa. I found myself pulling ideas and inspiration from all things nature and developed a way of depicting wildlife through my eyes. Twisting ecosystems to create my own world where everything is perfectly balanced and yet chaotically charming.

I work mostly with pen and ink but occasionally use watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media in my pieces. Pen can get such precise and intricate detail, and I enjoy making pieces that have much for the eye to devour. I work to make all my pieces extraordinary in their own way, pulling an emotion or even a memory to give bold feelings of my expressions.

As I evolve I have begun to create more realistic pieces, but my passion will always be locked onto interpretation and a detailed simplicity. My artists’ signature is a warped version of the constellation Little Dipper, having significant meaning to a loss in my life and the direction I took for my career as an artist. The morphed variation of this constellation relates to how I see the world and the worlds I create. Anything I imagine or have dreamt up I will sign with this signature. In my realistic drawings I simply sign my name, separating two parts of myself from the real, to the whimsical.

A few artists I admire and aspire to are Arthur Rackham, Alphonse Mucha, Charley Harper, and Kay Nielsen. But the wonderful thing is even today I am finding more and more artists I fall in love with, and I hope to be that artist for many people someday.  I hope you enjoy what you see in my galleries and find the pieces that speak to you.